How to install autocom cdp pro DVD

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How to install autocom cdp pro DVD


1.Insert the DVD in the computer's DVD reader. The installation starts automatically. (If the installation does not start, choose "Run" in the "Start"-menu and write D:\Start. Applies if the DVD reader is designated as unit D).


 2. Enter your Product-ID, serial number, and hardware key. Then choose country and press "Next" to continue.



3. Check in the next window that correct product is chosen. From this window it is possible to show application tables, user manuals, release information, etc. This is done by choosing a document in the list and then pressing "View". Before continuing, it is important that you have read the system requirements. Press the button "View" under the heading "System requirements" to show the system requirements. Then confirm that you have read the system requirements and press "Next" to start the installation guide. Follow the guide to finish the installation.


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